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There are many natural products that contain cyanide:

Vegetables, fruits, algae, mushrooms, almonds, chestnuts, nuts, cassava, avocados, lentils, broccoli, spinach, corn, potatoes, garlic, certain fruit bones (plums, peaches), in the seeds of apples, pears or grapes , in a multitude of plants, bacteria, insects, ect … and the symptoms that cause in our body are: headaches, fatigue, numbness, rapid pulse, nausea, reddened skin, vomiting, difficult breathing among many others.

In garlic and in the other products mentioned above, cyanide is combined with other compounds and, during digestion or cooking, releases hydrocyanic acid. But we can prevent this poisoning and make the cyanide disappear in time. How? Very simple, just by splitting the clove of garlic, being this raw, we get to release the liquid cyanide, which when in contact with the air becomes gas and evaporates. That is to say that if we eat a raw garlic and chew it directly we will be poisoning ourselves slowly without realizing it.

It is necessary to know that in our organism small amounts of cyanide are found, for example in urine, with an average of 0.3 ppm (parts per million) and, if we are smokers, it increases up to about 0.8 ppm.


and the rest … IT’S A STORY!

We have all heard about the benefits that garlic brings to our health; It strengthens the immune system, prevents heart disease, protects against cancer and you can even apply it to the scalp to eliminate toxins …

Thanks to more than 2000 active substances, known as volatile oils, garlic fights more than 100 diseases.

Fermented garlic known as “black garlic” is more effective in combating specific types of malignant cells, reducing the size of certain types of tumors.

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Main benefits of eating “raw garlic”

It has a large amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C, hence its great antibacterial power, and promotes immunological activity.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to its antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins prevent the proliferation of infinity types of cancer cells.

Its vasodilator properties improve cardiovascular performance, circulation, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

Some famous quotes about Garlic

Garlic, in addition to being a protagonist in gastronomy, has been present throughout our literature, giving us anonymously semantic constructions like these.

"To whom raw garlic eats, and pure wine drinks, nor the viper can"
  • Cured garlic and pure wine, climb the safe harbor..
  • From the gullet down, all garlic soups.
  • Who works and walks naked, garlic and pure wine.
  • Harvests of garlic and melons, harvests of illusions..
  • Up to tearing a garlic costs its work.
  • No adobo without garlic, no bell without a clapper.
  • Work by piece, not worth a garlic.
"Garlic, onion, and lemon, and let yourself be injected"
Garlic is a great bactericide since its assets cause the proliferation of bacteria to be very reduced. It also acts against different types of fungi and viruses reinforcing our immune system.

Consuming raw garlic daily reduces the possibility of suffering from colds, being this superfood a great ally against influenza and lung infections. Therefore, it can reduce our visits to the doctor since it works as an immune, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal stimulator.

"Garlic boiled, garlic lost"
During cooking, several beneficial compounds are released, such as ajoene and adenosine, which have anticoagulant qualities and reduce cholesterol levels.

Garlic, a member of the allium vegetable family along with other superfoods such as onions, chives, chives and leeks, is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. According to many sources, it was believed that garlic had sacred qualities and was placed in the tomb of the pharaohs.